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Synthesis:  Aligning with Kindness in the Face of the Unfamiliar



4/14/2016   Om Culture  2210 N Pacific St, Seattle


8-11 pm


(Free Movement Jam 6:45-7:45 pm)




A soundscape and facilitation streaming from my love-hunger for community, my devotion to Connection, my zeal for finding a thread of loving kindness through the wreckage of old hopes & dreams & delusions which have inevitably come crashing down around us, as we-- thankfully-- realize that all the old shells and shelters we’ve been frantically hanging onto are either Unnecessary or actually Not Even There.  


I would love...  to meet you...




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Synthesis: Bee Hear Now

Facilitated by DJ Fuzz-B(unny)

aka Noam Paco Gaster

7/28/2016    8-11 pm

(Free Movement Jam 6:45-7:45 pm)

OmCulture,  2210 N Pacific St, Seattle, WA




Fellow hive-lings, our inner Queen is calling!  Can you hear Her, inviting us to Come Out... and play... or work, or... something In Between?

To gather nectar from the nooks and crannies of our Selves!  To cross-pollinate our overlapping Fields!  To let our dances intuitively direct one another towards fertile sources for gathering the Stuff from whence our ever-permeable hive-tribe produces its ongoing river of Honey...  to let the buzz from DJ Fuzz-B(unny) very tenderly congeal… a space that’s safe to Feel… a place where grace can Heal... a zone where we condone letting ourselves become more Real...


Come home to Om.


May the unravelling Reveal…



As the flow of this dance evolves, a number of thematic threads are clarifying themselves:


  1. Respect for and opening to the influence of the Wilds (both Inner & Outer)

  2. A benevolent Fierceness

  3. Honoring the lives & Transitions of at least 4 deeply beloved Matriarchs who have passed from this plane of existence: my mother Deborah Hannah Weiss “Ima” Gaster, my grandmothers Esther Fink “Patty” Weiss & Zuzie Stern Gaster, and my dear friend (and step-mother) Dr. Laurie Sucher-Gaster

  4. Yielding to Desire while shedding the tangles of craving & frustration

  5. Giving room for our sacred Clowns to implicate us all in their unfathomable psychic Power Squats

  6. Bathing in the Buzz of our tirelessly Hive-minded work-play

  7. Appreciating our inherent Sweetness.


I’d love to Hear & Feel your feedback about any of this-- especially if you have any needs interests or desires related to this dance event.  I’m imagining a co-creation by everyone who feels called to bless with presence and/or contributions.  Contributions may be sonic (e.g. live or recorded sounds from your voice & instruments), playlist suggestions, visions, ideas, reflections, interactions you would like to facilitate or have facilitated, kind and/or curious thoughts, etc.


Hear we all Our.



noamgaster [at] gmail.com