artwork by billie rain

About this blog


This blog is a culmination of my dance studies major at the University of Washington-- Seattle.  My original goal (as stated in my original research proposal ) was to help catalyze the creation of an integtated performance group which would be fully accessible to underrepresented Seattle populations, including people with disabilities.  The idea was to have members from underrepresented populations centralized in steering and leadership roles.


As the research developed, I felt intuitively pulled away from having such a specific and directive goal.  Rather than trying to create something new out of a frame that was-- for me-- still very theoretical, (and, to be honest, a little confusing and intmidating), I focused my attention on having a series of conversations with other Seattle-based humans who were navigating their own trajectory through inclusion, desire, community, and artistic expression.   I created a revised statement of purpose.


This blog, then, begins as the documentation of a series of exploratory dialogues with other Seattle-based humans. Once published, it becomes an arena for anyone to express their needs and desires regarding Seattle, inclusion, community, and the arts.  I would love to include your voice.


It is my hope that such an arena can be part of an ongoing process which maximizes creative access for all.


(The information in this blog is also available as a downloadable zine for those with limited internet access.)