Other Important Next Steps...


One important next step to make this website more accessible is to offer text image descriptions of all of its images.  I don't currently have the time and energy to do this, and would love help from you if you are able.




Breaking news: I am preparing for 2 presentations about this project!


1.  at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium, this Friday (5/15, 12 minutes between 12:45 & 2:15 p.m., Meany Hall Studio Theater)


2.  at the Pacific and Western Disability Studies Symposium: Connecting Disability Studies, Disability Justice, and Disability Arts , May 21-23, 2015, on the UW Seattle campus


As I prepare, I am curious to know if you have any further thoughts or feelings about this project.  I am specifically curious about your feelings about the website that came out of it. What kind of impact, if any, do you think it has had? What are your feelings about how you are or are not represented?


If you have a few moments and have any thoughts or feelings you would like to share, please do.


Also, I am extending an invitation to all of you to be part of a performance which I am planning as part of the presentation.  Let me know if you'd like more info. 

One of the initial goals for this project was to provide lists of resources for people who wanted to find access to expressive arts in Seattle.


When Billie Rain looked over the list I had begun compiling (based on my previous conversations), they pointed out a huge issue: I couldn't guarantee that any of the items of the list would in fact be accessible to them.  Ouch.  As Billie said, "When you are systematically excluded from the majority of society, it's really fucking discouraging to go down a list of resources and realize that none of them apply to you."


What I have therefore compiled are lists of POTENTIAL resources, compiled from the conversations.  I have not had the time to research and/or assess how accessible all of them actually are.


An important next step is compiling lists which are specifically created for different people's accessibility needs.


Since I do not have that yet, above and to the right are some general lists for anyone wishing to begin taking that next step themselves: