6/5/16 2-5 pm

Green Thumb Studios, 5522 McKinnon St

Vancouver, BC


(note: related workshop 10:15 am -12:15 pm)

7/22/2018   6:30-9:30 pm

Balance Studio

418 N 35th St   Seattle

Third Tuesdays  

Balance Studio

418 N 35th St.

Seattle, WA   USA

7:45-10 pm

No one turned away due to lack of funds. $5 to $10 suggested donation to cover space rental.


please plan to arrive on time (or a little early) and stay till the end

For the last 16 months i have devoted myself primarily to embodying my feelings and giving plenty of space for actions, impulses, intuitions, and communities to integrate my Being in a way that feels wholesome and true. In less than 2 weeks, i will be transitioning myself into a new focus, into becoming a "master" of occupational therapy via the University of Washington graduate school.



For these past 16 months, the kind of improvisation that occurs at Inclusion Jams has been a crucial practice. It would be wonderful to share this last scheduled Inclusion Jam with anyone who feels called to join in this work of Transitioning from one Story to another, from one Chapter to another, from one Moment to another, while being Awake, being committed to truthful Connection, being committed to allowing and inviting Love...

A great opportunity to feel and heal into the rawness and growth potential of these tumultuous times...