Inclusion Jams Are an Ongoing, Interactive Experiment in

Full-Human Improvisation


Inclusion Jams are opportunities to share open, authentic presence with kindred beings.

"Human improvisation" is what we are always doing already: being ourselves while moving, sounding, and/or being still.

Inclusion Jams are a set of simple invitations that allow us to do all that within a container of being satisfyingly Together.

Please RSVP for important info.

Please plan on arriving on time and staying till the end.

Please refrain from wearing scented products.

Please be true to You.



*     *     *



The Invitations are just that; participants are always encouraged to follow their own truth throughout the experience, and only do what really feels aligned with what they really want to do.



  • The first invitation is to be present at the beginning and stay till the end.  Once the inclusion jam begins, we are all on a journey together as 1 interconnected ensemble-- whatever that means to each of us.

  • The jam begins with a “check-in” wherein all participants are invited to, one at a time, verbally or nonverbally express any specific needs or invitations they have for the experience.  If they like, they can invite questions or reflections about what they’ve shared.  

  • Next comes the “improvisation.”

  • At about half hour before the end of the inclusion jam, anyone who feels ready to end the “improvisation” is invited to call “final resolution.”  The calling of “final resolution” is an invitation for all participants to take as much time as they need to come to stillness, and to stay in stillness until they feel the “improvisation” is over.

  • All are then invited to take some time first for personal reflection leading to a group harvest or integration of our experience throughout the jam.

"Noam Paco Gaster  is a kind gentle brilliantly creative supportive human. Inclusion Jams are really his metier.....if you wanta dance and feel included and improvise....I highly recommend it." -- Vanessa DeWolf, artistic wrangler

It feels somehow both wonderful and terrible that my existence seems to offer an ongoing opportunity to integrate my feelings with my actions in a way that seems wholesome.


Inclusion jams offer a powerful space to practice being real in the midst of that wonder and terror, as well as in the "oh yeah" calm and awake relaxation that tends to follow in their wake.


I'd love to meet you there.


*     *      *


Inclusion jams part of my ongoing exploration around cultivating situations where humans are empowered to untangle themselves from suffering while satisfyingly impacting and connecting with one another.


I'm devoted to increasing access to satisfying, emotionally authentic human-to-human interaction that can use movement, stillness, sound, and language.




Guiding Questions


     Can we create a space together where we are able to include as much of ourselves as we need to in order to each honestly decide that we Belong?  Is there anything any of us can express that will facilitate the cultivation of these inclusions?







What happens during the "improvisation?"


movement sound stillness witnessing touch and/or words, impacted by the needs desires and invitations offered and expressed 





Potential Needs and Desires to Express


  • boundaries or interests around physical contact

  • desire for more structure, or less

  • access needs (e.g. around physical, mental, or sensory disabilities)

  • desires regarding sound, silence, language, being free from language, being free from certain types of language, etc.

  • requests or needs related to culture or identity 

  • desires around witnessing or being witnessed

  • whimsical invitations (e.g. “I would really like to be watched until I fall down.” or “Could we be really quiet for a few minutes, and then explode in a symphony of animal noises?” or “Could someone please compose a song about my elbows?”)

  • anything else that unexpectedly surfaces in the moment



For some background about me or this project please visit


Conversations About Expressive Arts Inclusion With Seattle-Based Humans