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You are free to explicitly invite anyone to move with you (verbally or nonverbally.)  You are also free to just move near other people (who may already be moving) and see what happens.

If you are moving with someone, you are empowered at any moment to change whether (or how) you are in contact, to communicate your needs (verbally or nonverbally), or to simply move away.  Unexpected changes in dances are frequent here-- there is no need to apologize, accommodate, or explain.

Some of what sometimes happens at the jam is considered, by many, to be Contact Improvisation.   Contact Improvisation is a non-hierarchical dance practice with a rich and fascinating history.  You can find out more about it by asking other jammers or consulting the resources at the bottom of this handout.  However, one need not know anything about CI, or have the intention of practicing it, in order to participate.   Some good websites to find out more about Contact Improvisation are contactimprov.net,    contactimprov.com,  and    Point of Contact

All movers are asked to be mindful of their impact on others, especially when making noise (especially noise disassociated from emotional truth) in the space.  For a satisfying jam, many find it important to have a type of physical and emotional awareness that loud conversations, etc., can easily disrupt.   If others’ sounds are  interfering with your experience, you are free to express this.

Faciltator or facilitators are available to answer questions and concerns.