A movement jam is an open space for independent (and interdependent) expression and exploration. At any moment, all participants are free to move or be still, alone or in connection with others.


The intention is for an open space for connection, healing, and fun. No plan exists for anything sonically pre-recorded (e.g. music that already exists) to occur. In fact, other than a gentle invitation to partake of a simple container for Personal Truth & Interconnected Well-being, very little is planned at all. The combined beyond-words Intelligence of whatever occurs spontaneously in the space is the "music" we can move to.

All are encouraged to align with their personal truth, and to allow authentic, dynamic expression of their changing moment-to-moment needs. All are also asked to be mindful of their impact on others. For a satisfying jam, many find it important to have a type of physical and emotional awareness that loud conversations, etc., can easily disrupt. That said, expressing needs related to personal space and emotional boundaries can be as “disruptive” as required.


​For the Olympia 4th-Sundays-of-the-Month Movement Jam, all are invited to join an opening circle at about 3:20 pm and a closing circle at around 5:20 pm. These are great times to express verbal needs, ask questions, and receive encouragement. Staying through the closing circle can be very helpful, as a way of allowing the organic process of jam participation to reach optimally wholesome nourishment potential.